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Saturday, October 11, 2008

eBible now has NIV

I was looking back at some of my old posts and ran across the one where I mentioned and wondered how people would like it without the NIV. Well, that was a long time ago... today I clicked back over to eBible and discovered that not only have they added the NIV and TNIV, but if you visit the site for the first time, the NIV will automatically be your default translation! I guess that's just the treatment you get when you are the CBA's best-selling translation. Based on that list, it looks like they have all the playas but two... from the top ten best-selling translations, eBible has all but the New Living and the New Revised Standard.

The Bible Gateway, which is probably one of the most popular Bible sites out there, has all the translations eBible has, and they have the New Living Translation as well. They don't have the NRSV either, though. If you want the NRSV, there are sites that have it: Crosswalk,, and The Unbound Bible are some examples. And you can always just buy it for your e-Sword (the cost at this writing is $9.99). But that's one reason I really like the ESV... because of their commitment to electronic use of the translation, the ESV is available pretty much everywhere!


Bob Morton said...


Have you looked at YouVersion. It is a neat tool for study and to see what others say as well.

TulsaMJ said...

YouVersion is looking pretty nice! Very similar to eBible in a lot of ways. And it has the ESV, and it also has the NIV. No New Living Translation, though. :) (as though I had ever read the NLT other than glancing at it online!)

steve said...

can't see niv on either or ebible... am i missing something?

TulsaMJ said...

Steve - it is available on YouVersion; I just loaded the page and clicked where it said "KJV" and it came right up. On eBible, however, you can do something similar but you can't select NIV right now. It says they are in licensing negotiations with Zondervan.