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Monday, January 8, 2007


Saturday we went to see the first theatrical release from FoxFaith Movies, THREE (based on the novel by Ted Dekker). The movie is a psychological thriller, along the lines of Speed or The Silence of the Lambs, or more recently Saw or SE7EN, except without three things: (1) gory crime scenes, (2) nudity, and (3) profanity.

So the question is... is it better for the omission of those things, or worse, or neither? I'd say that as someone who enjoys that kind of movie but has not been able to watch much intense stuff since I have a young child in the house... I enjoyed it very much! The movie is low-budget, but the story is solid and keeps you guessing, and the twist at the end totally caught me off guard. We saw it with friends, and everyone seemed to enjoy it, so that's a good sign. Critics have compared it unfavorably to other movies (particularly Saw for the plot similarity, SE7EN for title similarity, and a 2002 movie called Adaptation which is about a screenwriter who mentions an idea he has for a movie with the same twist at the end as this one!), but I can't say that it seemed like a hack to me. If FoxFaith can up the ante on budget and move on from here, this is a FABULOUS starting point!