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Friday, February 22, 2008

All Your Needs

At 4am I was staring into the face of a baby. To all appearances, about 30% of the baby's face was open mouth. Out of the mouth came a very loud sound. This sound can best be described as "screaming." This screaming was, have I mentioned, very loud?

The mouth wanted milk in it. Or at least baby formula. I was the man for the job. I was the one who would provide the milk or at least formula. The baby was looking at me, and screaming for formula.

The formula was in the kitchen. So was the bottle, the delivery mechanism for the formula. The baby and I were headed toward the kitchen. Once I arrived in the kitchen, I would get the bottle, mix the formula with water, and then apply the formula to the mouth, which I may have mentioned, was screaming. Very loud. In my face.

Did the mouth stop screaming because I was on my way to the kitchen? The formula was available, and just needed to be properly prepared and placed into the bottle. The perfect person to prepare it and deliver it to the screaming mouth was actually on the way into the room where this would occur.

The mouth did not stop screaming. Because this is a BABY. And babies don't always understand these things, or sometimes they just get all freaked out and don't calm down until what they need is completely in their possession.
And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Have you done any screaming today?

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