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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Refrigerator Sunday

Five years ago this coming Easter Sunday, I recovered from what I believe to have been a case of clinical depression. This is the third post I wrote back then on a private blog about what was going on. For more details, see the first post in this series, and here's a link to the second post.

3/30/2008 5:38am

It's Sunday morning early, and I actually feel pretty good. I feel pretty normal, as a matter of fact. Maybe it has something to do with our refrigerator.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling NOT normal. I felt depressed. Then our fridge, the one that was in this house when we moved in, tanked on us. It's been having death rattles for a few days, but yesterday morning it defrosted our frozens and we knew it was time to get it replaced. Problem was, we have very little cash on hand... I have like $150 in the bank. Plus we've been having some serious struggles keeping bills paid lately because of some keeping-the-checkbook-current problems (this financial mess is a real contributor to my moods lately) so I figured we wouldn't be able to get credit to get one at a regular store like Sears or Lowe's or Home Depot or whatever. Cathy checked around by phone for some used fridge places, but came up dry, so after my son's soccer game we went to see what would happen if we looked at the stores. On the way to Home Depot we prayed... Cathy prayed. I told her either we were going to have to resolve to take what we could get, or we were going to have to pray for the Holy Spirit's help in finding what we want for a price we could afford.

So we went to two Lowe's and one Home Depot, then we went to a Maytag outlet store that we had passed on the way to Home Depot. We didn't really see anything we were particularly stunned with at the hardware stores, but at the Maytag store we found two identical beautiful blemished-in-some-way-we-couldn't-even-find fridges marked down from almost $900 before tax to just under $600 counting the tax! The signs said financing 90 days same as cash; we figured we could tighten our belts somehow and come up with the $200 each month. But when the salesman ran our credit, not only did they give us a credit line that would have bought any fridge in the store if we had wanted, they gave us twelve months same as cash! I'm pretty positive I can come up with fifty bucks a month (to avoid the 22% interest if we go over teh 12 months WHEW!). We would have had to wait several days for them to deliver it, so we borrowed my father-in-law's truck and brought it home ourselves. My dad helped me unload and get it into the house.

So maybe the reason I feel good this morning is the physical exertion yesterday, in which case I really need to start getting my butt back to the gym. I'm going to try doing cardio every day next week and see what happens (I'll go easy on myself to start... every day but a light workout). Maybe it's partly because God clearly answered our prayer with the fridge, which is even bigger and nicer than the old one. Maybe it's because it's Sunday and time for singing! Maybe I've blown a few days' bad moods out of proportion... I hope that's the case but I think maybe it's not. All I can do is wait and see!

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