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Friday, January 28, 2011


sky 3photo © 2005 Dennis Hill | more info (via: Wylio)"Where have you BEEN?" you're asking me. And I reply that I've been right here, in the same place, working on something that's been on my mind for several months. Starting Monday, I'll be presenting a mini-series of posts about the Bible. "Aren't they all about the Bible?" you're asking me. And I reply that yes, they are usually about stuff I found in the Bible, but these are going to be about the Bible itself. Different kinds of Bibles, different translations of the Bible, electronic Bibles, lots of great stuff. You can expect to see the first one Monday, then there will be one on Wednesday and Friday, and then M/W/F the next week as well. I have a lot to share, and I was afraid if I didn't get it all blogged at once, I would get comfortable and some of it would never get blogged! (I have notes for stuff I wanted to blog months and years ago jotted down, and at this point I have no idea what my notes mean. The blog post graveyard!)

"So when will this series of yours start?" you're asking me. I already TOLD you, I respond... the series will start Monday. See you then!

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