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Monday, December 14, 2009

ESV Study Bible On Sale

If you've been keeping up, you know that I already have a beautiful new Bible. But if you were paying any attention before that, you also know that I love the ESV translation, and my ESV Study Bible is my favorite Bible study tool EVER. If I hadn't just gotten my new NRSV Bible to carry to church, I would still be sitting here wishing for a leatherbound ESV Study Bible to carry with; the one I have is the hardback edition, which I purchased over the leather version mainly because it was less expensive.

So I'm not really in the market, but check it out... Mardel has the ESV Study Bible with your choice of five different covers on sale at a deep discount! If you love to learn about the Word, you can't do better in one volume than the ESV Study Bible... and this sale takes these imitation leather cover copies below their price for the bardback version. Check out the sale!

If you haven't seen the ESV Study Bible and want a taste of what is like, take a look at It's awesome!

(sale's over now, but it still an awesome study Bible!)

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