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Thursday, December 24, 2009


"Advent" is not a word that is used very much in the churches I've been in my whole life. Some years at my house we've had "advent calendars," and I knew the word meant that Jesus had come to Earth, but I never thought much about the underlying idea of the Advent. It's a pretty important concept to the Christmas season, though, and to Christians in general. There are three "comings" of Jesus that we can celebrate at Christmastime:

1. The most obvious and the most universal in religious circles: at Christmas we celebrate Jesus coming as a human being. Being born, being laid in a manger. A baby, a real human baby, but a baby that was also all that God is. Amazing! Incredible! But that's not all...

2. Because of Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross, he has come into our hearts at the time of our salvation. If He had only come as a human being, we would still be without hope, but because He has come into our hearts, we live in Christ! But there is one last coming that we are still looking forward to...

3. One day Jesus will come again, in the clouds to defeat darkness once and for all and to physically rule on the Earth! This year I've spent a lot of time reading about the End Times, doing serious studies through the book of Revelation twice and for fun, reading the entire Left Behind series. Whatever your views on the circumstances surrounding His second coming, it sure is an exciting thing to think that one day peace really will reign on Earth, and God's goodwill really will be physically present for all people!

Have a merry Christmas. Remember Jesus. If He hasn't yet come into your heart, say a prayer and invite Him into your life. Love your family. The last few days of 2009 can be the best Advent season ever!

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