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Monday, March 7, 2011


So, not too long ago I inherited a cell phone. My wife wanted a snazzy new Android phone, and I wanted to get her one, and I found a company with a nice phone on sale and a dynamite no-contract deal. So she got the new phone, and I inherited her old one; I've never carried a cell phone before, but we were under contract anyway so I decided to just take over her old phone until the contract runs out.

So this old phone isn't an Android, and it isn't an iPhone. It isn't a Blackberry or Windows Mobile. This is what they call a "messaging phone," and it can run apps, but they have to be written in the Java language. Java apps are generally pretty simple, and I loaded up some that work and some that didn't, but I really wanted a Bible app, just so I'd have it. YouVersion has a Java app, but because this particular phone is pretty restrictive as far as what you can do and the YouVersion app requires data access to work (plus, I don't have a data plan) I wanted something self-contained.

The Go Bible Java App
What I found works quite nicely! The app is called "Go Bible" (not to be confused with this device called GoBible). You can see a picture of it on the right. It has the entire KJV Bible in it, and the whole thing fits on the phone with no need for data access. It's searchable, and it's quite easy to figure out and use. If you have a very simple phone that can only run Java .jar apps, I highly recommend it! (If I had known about it when I wrote this post, I certainly would have mentioned it!)

One thing I found out very quickly when I started carrying this phone was something everyone seems to discover right away: a cell phone is almost without fail going to be used as a flashlight sooner or later. One problem for me was that I'm using a sort of dark wallpaper (this one... Buzz FTW!) so I have to pull up the contact list or something with a white background if I want maximum light from the phone. Problem is, some of the screens on the phone time out and the screen dims and then turns off to save power, which means I have to keep pushing a button to get my "flashlight" to come back on. I downloaded a couple of "flashlight" apps, but they don't really have anything to recommend them, and the ones I tried are kind of messy software anyway. But I did find out that when Go Bible is running, the screen never shuts off. Hello, KJV flashlight app!

Your word is a lamp to my feet
    and a light to my path.
 (Psalm 119:105 ESV)

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