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Thursday, October 14, 2010


About a month ago I mentioned that there are "cover versions" of some of the psalms in Scripture. Did you know that there are also medleys? Check it out.

COMPARE: Psalm 108 TO: Psalm 57:7-11 + Psalm 60:5-12

COMPARE: I Chronicles 16:8-36 TO: Psalm 105:1-15 + Psalm 96 + Psalm 106:1, 47-48

What do you think? Medleys? Remixes? Whatever trendy modern name you want to call them, it's fun to see how the psalmists reused the same thoughts at different times for different purposes. So if you've ever looked down your nose on songs like this one that re-use parts of old songs, reconsider. God allowed it in His Word; maybe it's worth allowing into your worship times too!

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