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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Root Beer

A few days ago Mikey got THE PREACH on him. Now, when Mikey gets THE PREACH on, we just sit back and listen, because by the time he's done, my wife and I usually learn something we didn't know before! This time was no exception. Mikey taught us something about root beer.

"The Holy Spirit is like root beer!" Mikey said. "When you shake it up, there's the same amount of root beer, but it overflows anyway!" In his class Sunday morning at church, they had talked about the Holy Spirit flowing out of you, and we had just been talking about the Holy Spirit in the car on the way home from the concert we had just been at.

"You know," I said, the Bible says to stir up the Holy Spirit that's inside of you. the carbon dioxide is already in the root beer, but when you shake it up, that's what makes the root beer overflow!" I don't know if Mikey realized how dead on target his analogy was, but it was certainly a perfect visual! "Mama," I said to Cathy, "This boy is a walking children's church lesson!"

It's not just a kid subject, though... I suspect that most of us adults can benefit from that lesson. That's why I'm posting it here. Let's be root beer today! Let's think about the Word, pray, and look for chances to bubble up and out!

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