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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Adam

For some reason, this morning I've been thinking about Adam. You know, the Adam. The First Adam. I won't tell you exactly where I was when I first started to think of Adam this morning, but I was wondering if Adam ever had to... you know, CLEAN himself. Like, if his body fully processed every part of his food and thus there was never a not-fresh moment for Adam before the fall. Presumably God created Adam and Eve perfect; if Jesus' resurrection body was basically a return to Adam's pre-fall state... but we don't really know for sure from the Word if Jesus' resurrection body needed food (although we know He could and did eat, we don't know if He had to) and likewise we don't know for sure whether Adam's pre-fall body needed food, although clearly he was able to eat. Maybe eating was for enjoyment only. At any rate, even if he had to eat, maybe the pre-fall body was so efficient and/or the food was so pure that there was no waste product.

The reason I was wondering this was because if that indeed was the case... if the pre-fall body did not produce waste... then either God gave us those body parts that expel waste afterward, or God in His mercy thought ahead and gave us the proper plumbing before we need it. Wouldn't that be just like the love and grace and care of God for us?

But on to my second musing about Adam, which occurred in a less sensitive location (whew!). I was thinking about things that make me feel sad... loss of loved ones, social injustices that occur daily across the globe, children being abused and taken advantage of. All those terrible things that we all know about but try not to think about very often because if we do, we make ourselves miserable. And it occurred to me how true it was that Adam's sin would bring death on mankind. Although Adam kept breathing and walking around, in truth he had experienced a death. And a tinge of that death touches each of us every time we encounter tragedy or evil. Thank God that Jesus has brought LIFE back for us! Just like that first Adam's heart was still beating even though death was present, those who have accepted the free gift of the Second Adam still live in a world being consumed by death even though the life of God is present inside of them. It doesn't make it easier to experience those things that were born when sin entered the world, but it does mean that we can rise above death and experience life in the middle of it!

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