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Monday, June 11, 2012

God Loves You

Did you know that God loves you?

Wait a second. Let's really consider that statement.

God LOVES you.

The human love that we feel for our children, family, friends, or whoever... that love, at its very purest and best, is a pale reflection of God's love for us. God draws pictures in the physical world of things that exist in His dimension to help us understand Him. Love is one of those things.

When you think God is doing something to hurt you, neglect you, be mean to you, or otherwise mistreat you, step back for a minute and remember:

God loves you.

Would you do the things you suspect God of to someone you loved with all of your heart? Would you put that person through the kind of thing you think God is putting you through? Would you delight in that person's pain as you knowingly created the situation you are in and placed the jewel of your heart in the middle of it?

If what you think God is doing does not look like Love to you, then it might pay to look elsewhere for the cause of the problem you are facing. Because God is omnipotent. God can do anything... and




1 comment:

John Wolf said...

Michael, I "stumbled" across the statement above and found it to be unusally accurate! I emailed the link to an Associate Pastor I know that visits with people are contending with an "issue" of some kind. Very well spoken. Thank you for sharing. Your walk with God is evident.

I have a ministry to help churches,and men deal with the rampant use of pornography. This will help me serve others, where applicable.

John Wolf

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