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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Perfect Revelation

This morning I was listening to a Sunday morning message I missed literally months ago, and Pastor Bob said something that really woke me up! He said that most of the world's religions worship nature, but nature is a merciless god... if an innocent man falls off a cliff, he will die just as quickly as if a criminal falls off the same cliff. A lion will eat a small animal, or a murderer, or a newborn baby; it's all the same to the lion. Nature is imperfect, corrupted by the fall of mankind. That's why God sent Jesus... the final Word, and the exact image of Him... to show us what God is like. Nature is an imperfect image of God, because it is damaged; Jesus is flawless, the exact, perfect revelation of God the Father. When we've seen Jesus, we've seen the Father!


Anonymous said...

been reading through your last threee post. you are missing or late for church alot lately :) are you not signing in the choir anymore?

TulsaMJ said...

First off, Anonymous... who the heck are ya?? At least type in your name or something so I know who I'm talking to! Logging in with a Google account or OpenID would be cool too. If you have Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL Instant messenger, almost anything, you've got an OpenID. OK... down from soapbox. :)

Cathy and I resigned from choir a few months ago with an eye on doing church performances as a duo. It's something we've always wanted to do, and now is the right time. I should write a blog post about that!

Earlier in the summer we had some Cub Scout campouts and stuff... that's why I missed some services. Wednesdays sometimes I'm in the crow's nest upstairs running camera, and this month I've been running camera Sunday morning second service. Heck, if you missed me sitting up there six feet in the air, to the optometrist office with you! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, I don't go to your church, but I do need glasses :) I found your two blogs while surfing through Tulsa blogs. I find reading blogs interesting. Addicting really. Don't know you and you don't know me. BUT if reading and sometimes commenting on your blog without a name bothers you I will not. You do have a sense of humor! I understand your soapbox, beleive me, I have some also. Infact I amost didn't comment because, I prefer to stay anon. but thought you must not mind because of the option. Oh yell, i don't have any of those things.
MR/Mrs Anonymous here. ;)

TulsaMJ said...

You're welcome to post as "Anonymous" then, although surely you can come up with SOMETHING better than that. "The Masked Blog Reader" or "Blogaddicted" or something. That way if you comment twice I'll know it was the same person. :)