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Friday, October 10, 2008

ESV Study Bible Preorder

I'm so excited... last night we stopped by Mardel (we made it in there minutes before closing time) and pre-ordered my ESV Study Bible! I've been waiting for that to come out literally for years, and in just five days it will be here! I had totally forgotten about the release date coming up, but last Saturday Mikey and I were at Mardel looking around, and I took him back to the Bible section to show him how blessed we are in the U.S. to have so many choices of the Bible in our language (and to mention that there are still many many languages in the world that the Bible is not yet available in), and saw a display with some samples of the book of Luke. I picked one of the samples up, and I've been reading it ever since. I LOVE IT! It's like listening to our pastor, one of the best Bible teachers in the world PERIOD, on one of his Wednesday night detailed series on a specific book (when I first started going to Grace about ten years ago, he had just started the book of Acts. he finished over a year later, teaching every Wednesday that he was in town, which is most Wednesdays. Now THAT'S detail! Right now he's working through James... check out the services online if you like!)

Anyway... I'm pumped about having the whole ESV Study Bible to read. I had to go with the hardback for economy's sake, but it looks so thick that I doubt I would lug one to church with me anyway. I'll either keep carrying the little ESV I've had for a couple years, or get one of the nice leather ones with a center reference to carry to church. I've already got a durable metal one to carry in my bag to work every day.

Want to see what bindings the ESV Study Bible is available in? Here's my list of what they've got at CBD!

1 comment:

Chris said...

I too have been waiting for over a year for this bible. I was able to review a copy yesterday and I thoroughly enjoy it! I got the Tru-Tone Natural Brown and I must say, it’s a beautiful Bible! I’ve used the ESV Reformation Bible since it came out. This new ESV Study Bible is different enough to make a good companion.

The bookstore I work for, Scripture Truth Book Co. will have the ESV Study Bible available starting tomorrow, Oct. 15th for the following prices:

ESV Study Hardcover- $32.99
ESV Study Tru Tone Brown- $52.49
ESV Study Gen Black- $62.99

Our shipping rates are very reasonable. No more than $4-6 dollars, depending upon the price.

Chris Griffith