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Monday, July 25, 2005

The Scripture Menu

Hi everybody! I've got something new for you to look at. About a week ago I launched a new Web site called The intention is that when someone needs to pray about something, or they are hurting and need something to quickly help them in their situation, they can come to this Web site, click on the Entree they need, and instantly they are presented with a list of verses that pertain to their situation. The intention is not really to "teach," so for that reason we're keeping the passages as instantly relevant as we can; if it needs exposition to understand why it applies, we're trying to be careful not to include it. So I need some feedback here. How is it to navigate? Are the Scriptures presented relevant? Too short? Too long? Need more topics? Need fewer topics? Verses we missed? Verses we should have missed? What do you think?

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